Milford City Animal Control

Milford City contracts with Beaver County Animal Control to provide animal control services.   Beaver County’s Animal Control Officer enforces all Milford City Animal Control Ordinances.    

Report a Concern

To report a concern contact the Animal Control Officer. Contact dispatch at 435.387.2758.

Take a look at these web pages to view the animals that are available for adoption!

Adopt a Pet 


Frequently Asked Questions: 

How many small animals can I have at my house? 

(2) Dogs 

**Kennel Licenses are available for any person who have 3 or more dogs.

(2) Cats

(6) Chickens

(6) Rabbits


What is the cost to license my dog?

Male $40.00

Neutered Male $20.00 initial fee/free lifetime

Female $40.00

Spayed Female $20.00 initial fee/free lifetime


When is a kennel license required?

A kennel license is required for 3 or more dogs.  You must obtain a Conditional Use Permit from Milford City before a kennel license will be issued.  


Where do I license my dog?

Dog Licensing can be obtained at the Milford Justice Court/DMV Office by completing an application and submitting payment.

451 North Main

Milford, UT  84751



Hours of Operation

Monday – Wednesday 9 am til 3 pm

Thursday 9 am till 10:30 am COURT ONLY 10:30 am till 5:30 pm Regular Business

Friday 9 am- 12 pm



Milford City contracts with Beaver County Sheriff’s to provide law enforcement to Milford City.  

Contact the Beaver County Sheriff Office 



Fire Protection and Paramedic level emergency medical services (EMS) are provided through Service Districts.

Contact Numbers:

Fire Chief, Les Whitney          435.691.2381

Deputy Fire Chief, Nolan Davis 435.691.9111

EMS Director, Caleb Evans   435.616-0208