All meetings of the Milford Public Library Board of Trustees are open to the general public except those that are noted in the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act (Utah Code 52-4-204, 52-4-205 and 52-4-206). Notice of meetings shall be posted in the Milford Public Library, on the Milford Public Library website, and the Utah Public Notice website.

Meeting Minutes Policy
To ensure public access to the Milford Public Library Board of Trustees meeting minutes and to comply with 2009 amendments to the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act (Utah Code 52-4-203), the Board shall:

  • This is the Order of Business for Meetings:
    ● Call to Order
    ● Recognition & Response to Visitors Relating to Library Business
    ● Consent Issues
    ● Old Business
    ● New Business
    ● Board Member Reports and Comments

  • Keep written and recorded minutes of all official meetings. Written minutes shall include but not be limited to:

● Date, time and place of meeting
● Names of members present and absent
● Summary of comments made by members of the library board
● Substance of all matters proposed, discussed or decided by the public body
● Record of each vote taken by public body

  • Make available to the public audio recordings of the meeting within 3 business days following the meeting.

  • Make written minutes of the meeting public within 20 business days following the meeting. When minutes are complete but are waiting for official approval they will be considered public records and shall be marked as "draft."

  • Review minutes at the next meeting of the Board. At the beginning of the meeting, at the direction of the chairperson, minutes shall be amended and/or approved. The minutes shall then be marked as "Approved" on the printed and online versions.

Approved by the Milford Public Library Board on February 25, 2016