Computer Usage

The following guidelines must be followed when using library computers:

1. The primary purpose of internet service is for the use of public library patrons to access information and to do research.

2. Patrons may be granted access to library computers services provided that they have read and agree to follow the guidelines in the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

3. Patrons are not permitted to enter Multi User Domains, Chat Lines, Personal Ad rooms unless these activities are related to their specific assignment. Recreational use of chat type environments is prohibited.

4. Participation in the transmission or reception of materials considered illegal, immoral, harassing, obscene or inappropriate and items that may include copyrighted materials, trade secrets and threatening of obscene materials in general are prohibited.

5. Vandalism in any form is prohibited. This may include but be limited to uploading, downloading and creation of computer viruses. Anyone knowingly transporting a virus by disk between computers (personal or public) will be in violation of the section. Altering home screen, machine settings and altering system parameters are considered vandalism. The library cannot guarantee the computers are virus free, not do we provide information to disks. You do so at your own risk. The library is not responsible for loss of information or damage caused by the transfer or exposure to computer viruses.

6. It is not acceptable to download and/or play games on any library computer. Online participation in these activities are prohibited. Children under 12 and those with special needs are allowed to play games that enhance their computer learning skills, such as the Magic School Bus, learning tools, and others as long as they develop skills in letter and number recognition, reading, writing, math, memory skills, eye hand coordination and other learning skills.

7. E-mail services are available and encouraged. Being a nuisance, intimidating, harassing or using vulgar or obscene messaging will not be tolerated.

8. Printing on black and white printers can be done at a charge of 25 cents each color 50 cents each.

9. Computer usage will be limited to sixty (60) minutes, enforcement of this time limit will be lenient unless a patron that needs the computer for accessing workforce, school work or other business related issues. School and, business related usage will take precedence over any patron using the computers for gaming. In addition, a time limit of sixty (60) minutes will be enforced for any patron engaging in gaming, additional time will be given to any patron willing to read a book in the Library for a minimum of thirty (30) minutes.

10. The computers may not be used for commercial purposes or financial gain.

11. Any installation or download of any software or file that requires payment is prohibited.

12. Downloading any media not related to education is prohibited, unless approved by the librarian.

13. Disruptive sounds are prohibited unless the use of headphones is available.

14.  Use of cell phones are prohibited at the computer stations, phone calls need to be taken outside.

15. Staff will assist patrons with internet use as time permits; however, they may not be familiar with every application available or every program you might wish to use and cannot provide in-depth technical support or training concerning computer jargon or personal computer use.

16. One person per computer allowed at/or around the computer area, unless otherwise arranged with Library personnel.

17. Users of library-owned computers and software shall not have or claim to have any expectation of privacy with regard to the storage of files or information.

18.  Computers will be off-limits to any patron that has an outstanding fine in excess of $5.00.

19.  Computer usage is limited to patron’s age ten (10) and above unless accompanied by an adult, the three children's computers are limited to age’s six to ten, ages under six must have adult physically with them.

20. Freedom proxies are prohibited.

The acceptable Use Policy will be posted by all public access computers. Patron’s complaints about the policy or its enforcement need to be in writing and addresses to the Library Director for consideration and review. If the complaint is valid, it is then present to the Library Board for review. If a patron observes inappropriate behavior by another library patron, it should be reported to a library staff member for appropriate action.

Failure to comply with the Library Acceptable Use Policy could result in the suspension and/or revocation of use of all library computers.

Any violation of Public Law will result in immediate suspension from use of all computers.

Any other violation of the Milford Public Library Acceptable Use Policy will follow the following consequences.

FIRST VIOLATION: A verbal warning.

SECOND VIOLATION: One week without computer privileges.

THIRD VIOLATION: One month without computer privileges.

FOURTH VIOLATION: Loss of computer privileges until patron meets with the Library Board. (A parent or guardian must attend if the patron is a minor). Patron must agree to meet the demands of the board.